Startup Weekend: The User Interface

So after a few hours of creating user interfaces and scrapping them I’ve come up with what I think will be the first page for the site. I focused on eliminating any friction that a user may have to using the site. There’s no sign-up and no instructions, just an in-place form which allows the user to enter their recommendation and submit it. Take a look.

The name of the project is still under wraps until I’m sure that I’ve secured the domain name.

I’m still working on a few minor UI problems:

  • How do I allow the user to freely enter data but keep the data clean (Bruce Springsteen vs bruce SPRINGSTEEN)
  • What do I do when a user asks for recommendations and there are none? Apologise and ask them to enter one?
  • Do multiple similar recommendations have an aggregate effect? Do they move to the top of the list? How do I show that?

The backend should be fairly straight forward as long as I’m happy with the interactions I’ve defined on the front end.