Startup Weekend: Nearly There

After a weekend of sprinting I’ve nearly finished my product. I’m still working on the back end but I have a basic non-functional landing page setup and most importantly a name and a business plan.

You can check out the web app at 

The .com for blanktracks was taken and I was going to get a fancy domain like .co or .io but that would have put me over budget. Domain names don’t seem to matter that much anymore these days anyway, just append ‘hq’, ‘app’, or prepend ‘get’ or ‘use’.

I’m probably going to add some affiliate/referral¬†links to buy music from listed artists along with a flattr tip jar depending on what’s compatible with the various music metadata apis.

I’m thinking of using the Spotify metadata api to check that artists actually exist in the system before the user can add a recommendation.

I have a 512mb Digital Ocean droplet set up running Python with Flask, uWSGI and Nginx. So far so good. I had some teething problems working with uWSGI, the version in the Ubuntu repositories is fairly old but I didn’t realise that until I’d been bitten by it so I had to install it from pip. This was my first time using the above stack and it took me longer to get uWSGI and Nginx talking than I’d like to admit but overall things went fairly smoothly.

I was having intermittent SSH problems with my droplet but I’ve yet to diagnose the issue.