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Why do printers suck so much?

I’ve just given over the last few hours of my life to the re-installation of a consumer ink-jet printer for my aunt. The ISP sent a new router, with new settings which meant that the printer couldn’t connect. In addition to this, the new router didn’t have a WPS button (thankfully, but annoyingly) meaning I had to somehow get the printer connected to the network again. 

What followed was about 2 hours of error messages; plug in this cable, printer not detected, insert paper, align cartridges, reboot Windows, clear paper Jam, ink cartridges not installed properly, and two way communication could not be established. The software and hardware combination of this printer was so hostile that at one point my aunt helpfully suggested that we just buy another printer, it’s only €50 and you get ink with it, that would be easier.

Printer ink costs more than blood, printers are sold just to sell ink. The hardware is functional but not built to last. I don’t see how this encourages consumer loyalty, but obviously I’m missing something. The ink companies are obviously running the numbers.

Can the ink industry be disrupted?