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All the screenshots

I set up a new Android tablet for a friend to find that next to the home button there is a screenshot button. Who in their right mind decided that this was a good idea? What were they thinking? Where were they when the idea came to them? Why did they think the average user would need to take screenshots to frequently as to put a button on the main menu bar?

I’ll just go into settings and disable it. No setting to disable it. A quick Google leads me to believe that the simple fix is to, get this, flash a custom rom, no thanks, I’m not explaining that one or taking responsibility for it.

So now, my friend has an Android tablet which has a screenshot button next to the home button, which is very easy to hit by accident. The home button isn’t even centered. Oh, it’s just taking screenshots I hear you say, what’s the big deal. It takes a screenshot and shows the screenshot in a little polaroid border and then swishes off screen, every time.

Other than that it’s a very nice tablet.