Startup Weekend: Problems – Part 2

So, I’ve let my server run for the day with the previously mentioned problem still unresolved: My server randomly disappears off the face of the internet for large chunks of time and sometimes magically reappears. No ping, no SSH, no HTTP, nothing. I haven’t managed to run a trace route or try to access the out-of-band console during one of the outages.

What have I done so far? 

  1. Booted to a different VPS and restored my image (same location so it could technically be on the same machine and same software!)
  2. Checked /var/log/syslog – nothing
  3. Checked /var/log/dmesg – nothing
  4. Checked /var/log/messages – nothing
  5. Checked the logs for varnish, nginx, uwsgi, postgres and everything else I can think of – nothing
  6. Installed nlog, it logged everything in 30 second intervals through several of the disappearances and recorded nothing out of the ordinary
  7. I’ve disabled everything that I installed over the base installation of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS except nlog and nginx with the default site running

Now what?

I play the waiting game. I’ll leave and nlog run overnight and see if there have been any outages in the morning, if there hasn’t been, it could possibly mean that one of the other software components is the cause. If there was still an outage I’m going to spin up a new server instance and install nginx from scratch and see how that compares. 

If all else fails I’ll file a support ticket, which is what I should have done last week.