Startup Weekend: My $15 ‘Startup’ Weekend

It’s a fabulously sunny weekend, I have the house to myself, what do I do? Challenge myself to launch a ‘startup’ in 48 hours. The $15 budget? A domain name and a $5 Digital Ocean Cloud Server. No more, no less. 

The definition of a startup is varied but for this weekend I’m going to define it as a website or service that could generate some income and could possibly get acquired. I’m not going to place any qualifiers on the amount of money it could generate, $6 a month to cover the hosting and domain and I’ll be happy.

Being that I only have 48 hours there’s going to be some obvious constraints on design, business plan, programming and everything else as I’m a one man band. If the idea gets traction then I can come back and add refinement.

To get up and running quickly I’m going to use Pyton with Flask and either MongoDB or PostgreSQL depending on my database needs.

Now all I need is an idea and I’m set.